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~Sheik Abd-al-Kadir

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Ugly Mug

The Ugly Mug is the kind of place that welcomes students and community members alike. The bathroom has all sorts of flyers and business cards of events ranging from the gamut from traditional to transcendental. The outlet to table ratio is high, so it’s a great place for getting some work done, assuming you can find a table in this gem. It’s well out of the way, being in the center of Sellwood, which has kept it from being too overrun. Nonetheless, I’ve never been in there when it was empty and the last time I was there I was surrounded by hipsters. Then again, it was finals week…

Location: 8017 SE 13th Ave in Sellwood.

Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30am – 8pm
Sat-Sun 7am – 8pm

Wifi: Of course!

Web page:

Price Range: ** (Reasonable)

Bean: Stumptown. The house was full bodied and rich, without becoming bitter. I didn’t even need much milk in it, and I’m a creamy coffee fan.

Leaf: yes! Several varieties of loose-leaf teas.

Food: mostly breads and pastries, two kinds of quiche.

Vegan/Vegetarian: Both Rice and Soy milk available at a small charge.

Beer/wine: Yes, five wines and six beer/ale choices.

Music: Indie singer songwriter type music on the PA.

Art: A new artist every month. This month is large printed photographs of tree bark.

Crowd: Very community friendly. Sometimes a little crowded considering that this space is relatively small, but the people are calm and easygoing. At times swarmed with hipsters.

Kid friendly: There used to be a kid’s nook, but it looks like that’s been moved. The place is pretty small, so not much room for kids to play but a good place to do some coloring or read a story together.

Extras: Check out the row of truly fugly mugs on a high shelf that lines the walls.

Rating: ***

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  1. Ooh, I went to this place for the first time just last week. Nice atmosphere. Friendly staff. I'll definitely go back.